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Energy and Shamanic Healing

Energy Healing

I am particularly happy to offer my training and gifts in the area of energy and shamanic healing. I trained for four years and received a Diploma of Graduation from the Dr. Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I also completed training with Dr. Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society School and received an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Certificate. These trainings are considered the most advanced of any healing modality working with the human energy field.

Barbara Brennan School of healing is a four year intensive program working with the energy field to promote healing. Energy healing is a non-invasive, effective modality that creates changes on a deep level. It could be said that traditional psychotherapy works from the outside in. You, as an individual, decide to make changes in your thinking and in your life. With energy healing, changes occur from the inside out. Because these changes are subtle, healing often continues to occur over weeks and months after receiving energy healing. These changes are often greater and better than one could create or imagine. Therefore, it is recommended in an energy healing to articulate, but not limit yourself to some specific goal that has to happen.

Shamanic Healing

Many are curious about what shamanic healing is. Shamanism is a holistic practice addressing your mind, body, heart & spirit. Shamanism is an ancient form of energy healing that helps the individual facilitate the elimination of dis-ease and restore harmony. Shamanism is practiced by tribal societies and indigenous cultures around the world. Modern Shamanism incorporates the latest discoveries from science,  linking them with ancient, powerful healing techniques and ceremonies.

Most individuals are seeking health, whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual health. Energy healing works holistically, in that it affects all of these levels. When energy is flowing more smoothly, we tend to experience relief from symptoms and feel more satisfaction with ourselves and life.

People often wonder what an energy or shamanic session is like. A healing usually starts with a conversation to help connect and focus on the purpose or intention for the healing session. The client lies or sits comfortably fully clothed while we stay connected via the telephone or teletherapy. With agreement established between the practitioner and client, the practitioner begins working delicately on your energy field.

Many who experience a healing for the first time describe a relaxed feeling after a session. Others may not notice anything initially, but rest assured many things have occurred on a deep level. The healing will continue after the session is over. Recipients are suggested to refrain from alcohol or any other substances for 24 hours after the healing session so that the maximum benefit can be received from the subtle energies as they continue to deepen and heal.

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